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Powerflush - Ipsum Heating


Central heating system running inefficiently?

Are you having issues with your central heating system? Are your radiators cool, rooms not as warm as they were, system noisy or even broken down? A Power Flush carried out by our engineers could be the answer.

What is a heating system power flush?

Power flushing is a process that uses chemicals to flush out any sludge or debris that may have settled and collected in your radiators and heating system. Over time sludge and debris can collect within your radiators and heating system, this will be affecting the efficiency of your system and if left untreated may cause your heating system to breakdown.

Ensuring you maintain your heating system with a regular power flush will ensure that the build up of sludge and debris is cleared and will allow the water in your central heating system to circulate through the whole system and heat your home efficiently.

Consequences of not power flushing your heating system

Homeowners and landlords often view power flushing as an unnecessary expense, but without power flushing your system may:

  • Run inefficiently, which can lead to higher energy bills and repair costs.

  • Breakdown and stop working, leaving you without heating.
  • Leak oxide sludge that could cause damage to flooring.

  • Form pin holes in radiators and heat exchangers.

Power flushing with Adey MagnaCleanse

At Ipsum Heating we use Adey MagnaCleanse to carry out power flushing of heating systems. The MagnaCleanse system combines chemicals and filtration to help remove sludge and magnetite from central heating systems to help them work more efficiently and problem free. The filtration system allows smaller pieces of debris to be removed and helps keep your heating system working at full capacity.

The RapidFlush filter and MagnaCleanse system precision agitator removes more sludge in 20 seconds than can be extracted in 30 minutes without it. It even shifts hardened debris, reducing the need to remove radiators to completely clean the system. MagnaCleanse can be used on combination/sealed systems and open vented systems.

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Worcester Bosch Boiler Installer
Mitsubishi Ecodan Installer

What People Say About Us

  • Alycia & Gary

    Very little mess
    Really need to get these guys into your home for your central heating.. I can't believe they have been in mine if it wasn't for the fact that my fire is gone and house is warm I wouldn't believe it. very little mess, excellent job at an excellent price, well recommended.Great job guys, Alycia & Gary Peters.
  • Dennis

    Plumbing company of choice
    Ipsum has become my plumbing company of choice. As a landlord I often need a rapid response to problems in the rental properties and I certainly receive that service with Ipsum. They are reliable, trustworthy and very professional. They have installed several heating systems for me and maintain and check on all my systems. Very well-qualified and easy to contact. Not least of all, their pricing is very fair. I do not hesitate to recommend them.
  • Andy

    Reliable, hardworking and friendly
    Ipsum recently did a great job of moving our boiler and we are delighted with their service. They were reliable, hardworking and very friendly throughout. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time to professionally carry out a Power Flush depends on the size of the heating system and how bad the problem is. After a site survey we can generally estimate with some degree of accuracy how long the process will take. 

This will depend on the number of radiators in the heating systems and a range of other factors. When you call us or send us an online enquiry, we will book you in for a site survey so we can give you an accurate quote.

No. There is usually no need for us to disconnect any radiator during the Power Flush. In severe cases, we may need to take off a radiator to flush it outside, but we will put everything back where we found it and clean up any mess.

Yes we do, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all our workmanship.

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