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Heat Pumps - Ipsum Heating

Heat Pumps

Make your home greener

In need of an air source heat pump?

We at Ipsum Heating believe in lowering carbon emissions, that’s why as a company we have undertaken all relevant training to offer our customers a trusted and reliable service in the latest heat pump technologies.

We’ve had experience in many air source heat pump projects, working closely with our customers and the manufacturer to produce efficient low carbon systems for a sustainable future. We will survey, design and install your renewable heating system to cope with all your heating and hot water demands.

Ipsum Heating are partners with Mitsubishi and all of our engineers are accredited Mitsubishi Ecodan Installers. 

Benefits of air source heat pumps?

How heat pumps work

Unlike gas and oil boilers, heat pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods.

During the winter they may need to be on constantly to heat your home efficiently. You will also notice that radiators won’t feel as hot to the touch as they might do when you are using a gas or oil boiler.

What is a heat pump and how does it work?

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Hybrid Heat Pumps

In a well-insulated property, air-source heat pumps can provide all your heating needs by themselves. However, in older properties where it is not possible to insulate to a high enough standard for heat pumps to be fully effective on their own, you can have another heating system in place alongside the heat pump, usually a traditional gas or oil-fired boiler.

This set up is called a hybrid heat pump* or a bivalent system. With these systems, most of the time the heat pump will provide all your heating needs, and the gas or oil boiler will be switched off. However, on occasions when the heat pump is not able to provide enough heat on its own, such as when outdoor temperatures are very low and your heating demand is high, the fossil fuel boiler turns on.

The system can either be set up so that the heat pump then switches off, allowing the boiler to provide all your heat, or it can be set up for both systems to run at the same time. This will depend on the design of your particular system and which set-up is likely to be more cost-effective for you.

Baxi Boiler
Worcester Bosch Boiler Installer
Mitsubishi Ecodan Installer

Our Recent Work

What People Say About Us

  • Alycia & Gary

    Really need to get these guys into your home for your central heating.. I can't believe they have been in mine if it wasn't for the fact that my fire is gone and house is warm I wouldn't believe it. very little mess, excellent job at an excellent price, well recommended.Great job guys, Alycia & Gary Peters.
  • Dennis

    Ipsum has become my plumbing company of choice. As a landlord I often need a rapid response to problems in the rental properties and I certainly receive that service with Ipsum. They are reliable, trustworthy and very professional. They have installed several heating systems for me and maintain and check on all my systems. Very well-qualified and easy to contact. Not least of all, their pricing is very fair. I do not hesitate to recommend them.
  • Andy

    Boiler relocated, Kirkby in Ashfield
    Ipsum recently did a great job of moving our boiler and we are delighted with their service. They were reliable, hardworking and very friendly throughout. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air source heat pumps have the capability to remain efficient even in extreme cold, they continue to function down to -15°C. As average winter temperatures in England are around 5°C there should never be a problem. This is a very popular system in Scandinavian countries where the temperature is considerably lower for longer periods than we experience.

Unlike some units, the Mitsubishi unit we supply is relatively small, the cylinder will fit in an airing cupboard as a normal hot water cylinder would and the Ecodan heat pump unit can be sited outdoors, freeing up cupboard space which would otherwise be filled with a boiler.

Yes, this technology has already proven successful across Europe with 250,000 domestic installations in 2006 alone and in 2007 80,000 units were installed in Sweden, it is increasingly becoming a popular option in the UK.

This system has the ability to reach 350% efficiency, with a CoP of 3.5 this means it can convert 1kWh of electrical energy into 3.5kWh of heat energy. The most efficient traditional condensing boilers only reach around 90% efficiency.

A saving of between 20 and 30% in running costs can be made by switching to an Ecodan air source heat pump.

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